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Indian Balance
Den Körper bewegen, während die Seele ausruht!

Indian Balance education modules   


  Indian Balance education modules   IB Specials & technical education  Aponi-Massage   

IB® Basic (module 1)
IB® Classic(module 2)
IB® Rituals (module 3)
IB® Matwork Earth (module 4)
IB® World Inspirations(module 5)
IB® World Advanced (module 6)
IB® Central Elements (module 8)
IB® Deep Flow (module 9)
IB® Variations (module 10)
IB® Supervisions Kurs (module 11)

IB® Inhouse
IB® one-day special

Path I (module 7)


Educational levels to

Indian Balance® Master Instructor

Your beginning: trainer education or valid trainer licence,br /> sports education or studies, own experience in the field of body & mind sports,

Level 1
30 educational units (EU)

Discover the path

Module 1: IB®-Basic (basic course), 2 days, 15 EU
Module 2: IB®-Classic(advanced course), 2 days, 15 EU


Level 2
38 educational units (EU)

Module 3: IB®-Rituals (2 days, 15 EU)

Module 4: IB®-Matwork Earth (2 Tage, 15 LE/UE)

Module 5: IB®-World Inspirations (1 day, 8 EU)


Level 3
15 educational units (EU)

The path of the master

Module 6: IB®-World Advanced (2 days, 15 EU)
Qualifying course with joint demonstration lesson



Level 4
15 educational units (EU)

The path of the body

Module 7: APONI-Native Indian massage (2 days, 15 EU)
Native integrational technique and somatology


Level 5
38 educational units (EU)

The path of the native spirit towards the inside

Module 8: IB®-Central Elements (2 days, 15 EU)

Module 9: IB®-Deep Flow (2 days, 15 EU)

Module 10: IB®-Variations (1 day, 8 EU)


Level 6
15 educational units (EU)

The path of the native intuition

Module 11: IB®-Supervision Course (2 days, 15 EU)

Degree and certificate: INDIAN BALANCE MASTER INSTRUCTOR (after 151 EU)
Certified according to INDIAN BALANCE ® and DTB standards